Embroidery and Decoration

Have a project you want to get made up? Let us know how we can help.



We offer in store embroidery services with a fantastic embroiderer running the machine.



Silk Screening and Screen Printing

We have contacts to local companies that offer a variety of services depending on what the project is. Ask us for more info!


How it works?

Step One - Get in contact. Let us know what you want to get completed and pick out items/garments. (Hats, Shirts, Jackets, etc)

Step Two - We place the order for items and get the artwork made up.

Step Three - We proof the item(s) and see what you think.

Step Four - Items are prepared.

Step Five - You pickup your items.


Brands we can order through:

- Stormtech - Jackets

- SanMar (ATC) - Hats, Toques, Shirts, Sweaters, Pants, Etc..

- S&S Activewear - Hats, Toques, Shirts, Sweaters, Etc..

- Trimark Sportswear - Hats, Shirts, Sweater, Jackets, Pants, Etc.. 

- Canada Sportswear - Jackets, Workwear, Etc..  

- Quality Sportswear - Shirts, Sweaters, Shorts, Pants, Etc..

- AJM International - Hats and Toques

- DML Creation - Hats and Toques

- Surewerx - Workwear including - FR and Non-FR Coveralls, Overalls, Jackets, Clothing, Hats, Etc..

- Tough Duck - Workwear including - Jackets, Coveralls, Clothing, Hats, Etc..

- Carhartt - Workwear including - Jackets, Pants, Coveralls, Overalls, Etc..

- Dickies - Workwear Including - Jackets Coveralls, Overalls, Pants, Clothing, Hats, Etc.. FR Available.

- Berne - Workwear including - Jackets, Coveralls, Clothing, Hats, Etc..

- Actionwear - FR Workwear

- Whitebear Workwear - FR Workwear