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We are a Parcel Depot!

Need something delivered? We can help. 

Whether you need an alternative drop off spot because you wont be home during pickup, or you cant get something delivered to a local address, that's where we come in!

Need something delivered locally to you but cant use your address?

Use ours! That is ofcourse if you are a local to the Evansburg AB, area.

Put YOUR NAME and YOUR PHONE NUMBER on the order but add our address of 5017 50 St, Evansburg AB, T0E 0T0. This means it will be delivered to us and we will call you when it arrives.

If this is your first time doing this, please reach out to us and give us your phone number so we can contact you once the package arrives. This is because sometimes the labels don't print with a number and we wouldn't have a way to notify you.

*Reminder - depending on who ships your package, you may need to pay a handling fee upon pickup. You will also need to factor in a C.O.D. payment if applicable. A C.O.D. payment should be made online and then just bring in your transaction record and we can do the rest.

Need to send a package off?

We can help! We are the depot for Purolator, UPS, FedEx, Loomis and DHL.

First, make sure to go online to your specific shipper to create and print out a label for shipment. Pay any fees associate with the shipment online if possible and bring a copy of the receipt with you. 

Second, bring it on down to us and we can do the rest!


We are a registered agent with most of the Delivery companies, but that does not mean we can accept every package. 

We do not have cold storage to keep refrigerated packages overnight, you will need to pick it up the day of otherwise the delivery company will have to attempt delivery another way or even another day.

We cannot accept packages over a certain weight threshold. We cannot maneuver and manipulate large or heavy packages. If something comes on a crate, we cannot accept it and you will need to be home for the delivery driver to bring it directly to you.

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