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Welcome to Men's Shoes Department

You may wonder how you find shoes on this page... you must look for the type of shoe you want and there will be links to all the shoes we can order in. We don't carry all of these in store.

Men's Casual Shoes

Merrell - Casual

Muck - Shoes

Propet - Casual

Keen - Shoes

Keen - Casual

Dockers - Various Shoes

Men's Athletic Shoes

Saucony - All

Propet - Athletic

Men's Sandals

Merrell - Sandals

Propet - Sandals

Keen - Sandals

Dockers - Various Shoes

National Shoe Catalogue

Men's Hikers

Merrell - Hiking

Baffin - Hikers

Keen - Hikers

Keen - Hiking Boots


Men's Rubber Boots

Baffin - Hunt & Fish Boots

Muck - Rain Boots

Dunlop - Boots

Men's Boots

Merrell - Boots

Baffin - Boots

Muck - All

Propet - Boots

Keen - Boots

Dockers - Various

Men's Dress Shoes / Boots

Propet - Dress Shoes

Dockers - Various Shoes

Old West Boots - Cowboy Shoes

Men's Cowboy Boots

Canada West Boot

Boulet Boots

Old West Boots

Men's Winter Boots

Baffin - Cold Climates

Baffin - Snow Boots

Baffin - Extreme Cold

Merrell - Winter Boots

Muck -Cold & Snow


Men's Slippers

Baffin - Slippers

Dockers - Various Shoes

National Shoe Catalogues

Men's Socks

Baffin - Socks

Duray - Socks

J.B. Fields - Socks

Stanfields - Socks

Dotline - Socks

Red Wing - Socks

McGregor - Socks

Muck - WIGWAM Boot Socks

Keen - Socks

Men's Work Boots

These are just in a different section of our website click the link to head there.


CSA Footwear

Shoe Care

National Shoe Catalogue